Dr. Baranov and his entire staff are fantastic and second to none! Making the decision to have weight loss surgery was not easy for me after having multiple complications and difficulties historically with my stomach and intestines. That always weighing on my mind, I spent almost a year after my PCP recommended looking into gastric surgery researching the procedures and reading patient experiences across the country. Finally, I decided to attend the informational seminar offered by one of the best doctors in the country. Dr. Baranov explained the process and answered any and all questions thoroughly with easy to understand terminology. His compassion for patients and passion for his work are obvious, and he goes the extra mile to ensure you totally understand the process and risks. The office staff from the individuals who check you in, to the Nurses, PAs, Appointment Scheduler, Nutritionists, and everyone at hospital are stellar!

Leading up to the procedure it is natural to have reservations about going through with it, especially if you lose a considerable amount of weight leading up to the procedure. I can personally appreciate these thoughts, but would advise anyone who is looking into Bariatric Surgery, there is a reason you are looking into it and it will help you achieve a weight that is healthy for you and will allow you to live a long life with your loved ones.

After the procedure, Dr. Baranov visited my room in the hospital multiple times as did one of the PAs on the evening of discharge from the hospital to ensure I was ready to go home. Dr. Baranov personally called on a Sunday night after surgery to check how I was doing and answer any questions I had about the procedure or anything else. I am extremely happy to have made the decision to have bariatric surgery, and highly recommend Dr. Baranov and his INCREDIBLE staff if you are looking for weight loss options!