From Dr. Baranov to his p.a.'s, nurses, nutritionists and receptionists, the gastric bypass experience at saratoga hospital could not be more professional, accommodating, helpful, friendly, compassionate and caring. the doctor and his support staff truly care about the people they are trying to help. in my six-month run-up to surgery i learned a number of things about my health - besides the strain my weight was putting on my body. his staff set up appointments for me with the local sleep center (found out i have severe sleep apnea); the doctor assigned to address my vericose veins has begun a program to rid me of guaranteed complications; the psychologist visits helped me iron out some issues and make sure i understood the path i must now walk; the numerous discussions with his nutritionists have helped me to understand why i need to eat the way they suggest. none of this would have been brought to my attention or been made available to me without the roadmap provided by dr. baranov and his professional staff. since my surgery i have been contacted by his office on more than one occasion to make sure i am doing ok. when i need info, i have never had to wait for it. i can't shower enough praise on dr. dimitri baranov and the incredible professionals with whom he works. i didn't know what to expect on this lengthy, intense journey. and now that it's over, i can't believe how easy it all was. all the credit goes to the good doctor and his incredible office.