Are you morbidly obese and looking to have gastric bypass surgery? Has your research confused or discouraged you? Do you know other people who have had the procedure and have been unsuccessful long-term? Well, that was my state of mind BEFORE my Primary Care physician, Dr. Susan Muller, referred me to Dr. Dmitri Baranov, of the Saratoga Bariatric Surgery and Weight-Loss Program.

The first step was to attend an informational session, followed by a Q & A given by Dr. Baranov himself! Pre-received misinformation was replaced with scientific fact. I found Dr. Baranov to be a skilled communicator who is easily understood, credible, and entertaining too! Throughout the following months, you meet his staff, who too, conduct themselves with professional excellence. You are informed every step of the way, encouraged, and given tools to help you successfully lose weight long-term. Some of these tools include a monthly support group, a YMCA evaluation, nutrition consults, a psych eval, and monthly visits with a RN.

Dr. Baranov performed my Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass surgery on Oct. 02, 2017 at Saratoga Hospital. During my 33 hour stay, I personally saw Dr. Baranov 4 times! Once before surgery, once after recovery, and twice on the day after my surgery. He personally insures that you understand your instructions and what to expect. He personally calls his patients at home, in my case 6 days after my surgery, to see how you're doing, and is always pleased to answer YOUR question(s), even though he has most probably answered the same question thousands of times!

In conclusion, I believe that long-term success after having gastric bypass surgery is FIRST dependent on THE SURGEON YOU CHOOSE. I highly recommend that you contact Dr. Baranov at (518)693-4699, and see for yourself that this standard of excellence really exists and that you too can successfully lose weight long-term and greatly improve your health and well-being doing so!