Dr. Baranov is THE best of the best. I just had my surgery on December 14th after a long-awaited 6 months, due to me being a full-time college student & I can say that he & his team made it the best it could possibly be. I originally found him through my father who just had the surgery in March of 2020 & watching his huge accomplishments, made me want to start the process for a happier, healthier life. Right from the beginning, Dr. Baranov made me feel comfortable & safe, which was really important for me, considering the issues with insecurities surrounding my weight. I could tell that he really was invested in me as his patient & wanted to see me succeed just as much as I did. Dr. Baranov & his team never once made me feel bad about my weight or my progress, quite the opposite actually. He acknowledged it & was very clear how WE were going to improve it. His staff was just as comforting as he was, very considerate & kind, which only contributed to the smoothness of the process. Although Dr. Baranov provided a sense of security, he was also very blunt & to the point and held me accountable for my success, which is exactly what I needed. Being that I was in college two states away & the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Baranov & his team were very flexible when it came to appointments. They also made it very easy for me as far as scheduling, they set up all the appointments I needed to complete before my surgery, which eased my mind & made my journey the smoothest it could've possibly been. For ANYONE considering weight loss surgery, or weightless consulting, I will forever stand behind Dr. Baranov & his team.