At age 7, I remember weighing 140lbs, since then my weight was a constant struggle. I’ve done everything I could to lose weight with virtually no results. At a young age, I was bullied in school because of my weight so I tried cutting back on food, or not eating at all. I took an extra gym class, rode my bike and walked every day. At one point I was bulimic and then anorexic. Nothing worked. I would loose 15 lbs or so and then nothing more and gain again.

As an adult, I changed my diet, worked with my primary Dr. and did food journals, joined a gym & went religiously, took alli, did the South beach diet, joined weight watchers, physical therapy, “it works”, “body makeovers”, essential oils, meal replacements, and nothing worked!!! I would lose 15 lbs or so in a few months and then gain it back again. At my physical last year, I talked with my Dr. about my fears. I was 33 and weighed 271 lbs. I have fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, restless legs, asthma and a bmi over 40.

My father had a heart attack & 4 way bypass at age 45, has diabetes, severe arthritis, & high blood pressure. My dad was overweight but not morbidly obese like me. My mother is severely morbidly obese. I don’t remember her ever being “thin”. She now is 5′ 1″ & weighs 280lbs. She has severe COPD, high blood pressure, severe osteoarthritis, & sleep apnea. All three of my aunts (her sisters) have died from heart attacks before age 65. I was scared for my future. How much more pain would my body go thru and how much time did I have left with my kids before my weight would eventually kill me!?

My primary Dr. said he had struggled with me for over 10 years with my weight. He said I had to do something drastic now, at a young age, to prevent or prolong my genetics from killing me. He told me to see Dr. Baranov. He said, “Dr. Baranov is a highly recommended bariatric surgeon & has an outstanding success rate.” He advised me to attend a seminar & the support groups to see my options.

At first I attended a support group and I was blown away. The struggle was real & I was not alone. Others there were at all stages of their journeys. If Dr. B wasn’t their operating surgeon, they wished he was. If he was, then they loved him and had great success stories to tell everyone. That support group solidified my decision. I had to meet this Dr, I had to see if he could change my future!

I then signed up for a seminar and my initial apt with Dr. B. After meeting him & seeing the professionalism and dedication he has to helping his patients, I knew if I had bariatric surgery I wanted him to be my Dr.! He conducted the informational seminar himself, talking with everyone personally and answering everyone’s questions.

During my apt he was very clear, and asked me tons of questions. In a very short amount of time, he had my health history, my present situation and my genetic future in hand. He agreed with my primary Dr. & would do my surgery! I started a strict bariatric pre-op diet and started my 6 month insurance approval process. I attended every monthly support group and was losing weight that I never could before! On my day of surgery, I was about 30LBS down from my highest weight!

Today, I am one week post op. My surgery went very well. I woke with very little pain. Gas pain and nausea from the anesthesia was the worst of it. I was given IV medications and fluids to help the nausea to let me rest and heal. Once I was able to, that night I was up walking the halls with help, sipping water and taking care of myself. Tylenol was all I needed for pain & I went home the next day. My incisions look great, I feel great. I cannot wait to be weighed in at my post op apt and see how much more I have lost!

I am very happy and optimistic about my new future. Dr. Baranov has not only helped change my life he has changed my whole families lives and our futures!