Dr. Baranov was referred to me by my physician as the most highly qualified bariatric specialist in the area. His program is the most encompassing of anything I could have imagined. I knew once I attended the informational seminar and met Dr. Baranov himself that his practice was organized, professional and effective. After my initial information seminar, I scheduled an appointment with him for a consultation. It was two hours long which first gave his excellent staff time to fully evaluate me and then all the time in the world that I needed to sit with Dr.

We then discussed best practices for pre and post success and I was made to understand the commitment required to gain the improved health that I was seeking. Dr. Baranov is not only the finest specialist I have ever encountered, but he is a genuinely kind man with a professional “no nonsense attitude” who also possesses a delightfully dry sense of humor. As a patient, I feel respected and feel as I have every opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns with him.

Although the pre-op criteria may seem daunting, I was pleased that Dr. Baranov was so determined not to let anything go. Without his experience and determination to know everything I would never have known about some potentially serious issues which were brought to light and addressed prior to surgery. I am currently one week out from my surgery and felt exceptionally well right from recovery.

With Dr. Baranov’s help and my commitment to following his very specific instructions, I expect wonderful results. I have made a decision not to weigh myself until I see him at one month post op as I don't want my success to be number-driven. I know that if I follow his proven plan my results can only be positive. Next steps are to fully take advantage of his support groups to gain more knowledge of life post op. This surgery will change my life and I can only say thank you to my primary for directing me to the best qualified specialist to make that change possible.