I was struggling with my weight since I was 20. At 6'4", everyone told me I am a "big guy" and I look fine. I did not feel fine. No energy, getting depressed, severe sleep apnea, high blood-pressure. I was 300lbs and gaining until I finally topped out at 365lbs. At 39 years old, I needed help. I decided to attend one of Dr. Baranov's informational seminars and I was instantly impressed. Not only is Dr. Baranov the most professional and qualified surgeon I have ever met, he was genuinely interested in helping those with weight problems. He took my case, and within a few weeks my surgery was scheduled. I never looked back. I had no complications, issues or problems. I followed the diet to the letter. I drank the water, took the vitamins, and avoided problem foods. If I slipped up, my body told me and it only takes being severely nauseous a few times before you learn. Dr. Baranov and his staff were the most professional and kind people I have ever met. They are doing great work and their success rate proves it. Today, I am 195lbs, have zero health problems, and feel better than i ever have. All thanks to Dr. Baranov and his team.