Abby after surgery

When I first saw Dr. Baranov, I weighed 283 pounds. A year later, I now weigh 133 pounds and I'm off all my high blood pressure and diabetes medications.

Getting Type 2 Diabetes became the turning point for me. Because I knew what often happens with diabetes patients. The idea that I might have a limb amputation, or end up in a wheelchair, was unacceptable.

I had failed so many times trying to lose weight on my own, but when I attended one of Dr. Baranov’s information sessions and listened to him talk, I said to myself, “I can do this.”

What a team they have at Saratoga Hospital. Each and every member. They were there for me every step along the way. It made such a difference. And they continue to follow-up with me, providing nutrition support and education about how to live a healthy lifestyle.