I met Dr. Dmitri Baranov four years ago and began thinking of having the surgery at that time. I went through the seminar and 5 of the 6 months requirements and decided to loose weight on my own. It was a real struggle and my mind set was not yet there. Now three years later, after a lot of soul searching and varying thoughts, I decided to try again. Dr. Baranov and his staff were very welcoming and helpful through the next six months process and while I was making my decision. I decided to go ahead with the surgery as I didn’t want a catastrophic health event to be my catalyst for change. It was important to do it on my own terms. They all helped me see the benefits, ponder the risks and kept me well informed along the way. Dr. Baranov is very clear on his expectation of his patients and is very kind in his treatment of us. I had the gastric sleeve surgery 3 weeks ago and I am doing extrememly well. I came home with no pain from the surgery or incision sites (this was done via laparoscopic surgery), and I was just uncomfortable with gas pains, which were gone by day five. I have no regrets, my mind set is on my health now and I am enjoying my new journey. Dr. Baranov was highly recommended as the surgeon to use for this procedure by all doctors I have been seeing for up to 20 years. They knew me andd my health issues and they knew him. It was a great fit. I would highly recommend anyone thinking about this surgery to contact Dr. Baranov and begin the process. We get to take our life back, we can have a much different relationship with food and we can be healthy again. By the way, I am 63 years old and felt it is never to late. Thank you, Dr. Baranov for your phenomenal surgery skills and thank you to your staff for your continued assistance, and your constant support!