Dr. Dmitri Baranov and his team are awesome! They helped me from the very beginning, by making me feel comfortable, and more knowledgeable about my decision to have bariatric surgery. They are all consummate professionals, and every aspect of my surgery was handled meticulously (including preparatory and follow-up care). Also, the care given to me by Saratoga Hospital, where he performed the surgery, was top-notch. Staff at the hospital were like an extension of his practice, trained to assist and care for bariatric patients. They were excellent care-givers, and it was easy to see that they held Dr. Baranov in high regard. Positive comments from the staff about his methods and thoroughness were heard often. You can tell that Dr. Baranov really cares about his patients and their success, as he works hard to get you on the right path, and he gives you the tools to stay there. If you are considering bariatric surgery, I highly recommend you consider Dr. Baranov!