Dr. Baranov and his staff have been so patient and helpful during my whole weight loss journey. My gastric bypass had to be postponed due to another health issue of mine and the staff was very accommodating and helped me to get back on track for the surgery when I was able.

I am now 5 days post-op from gastric bypass and am feeling great! My surgery went well and the nurses at Saratoga hospital were excellent! Dr. Baranov came to see me a couple of hours after my surgery and brought very interesting pictures of my new stomach from the camera used in surgery. I really appreciated his attentiveness and the time he took explaining how he did the procedure while showing me the pictures.

Dr. Baranov stressed how important following his pre-op and post-op diet is to the success of the surgery and weight loss. Prior to surgery, I was able to lose over 35 lbs. with the help of medication and diet instructions from Dr. Baranov. Five days post-op and I am already down an additional 11 lbs.

Without Dr. Baranov and his team, I would still be struggling with my weight. I feel that Dr. Baranov and his team have given me a new chance at life and I plan to take full advantage of it!