I went to Dr. Baranov's seminar in early March, and was in his office a week later to begin my treatment. He explained the different options and we chose the one one that he felt was best for me. Six months (and many office visits, phone calls and virtual meetings) later, I had my surgery. Five days after the surgery he called me at home to check in on me, and to make sure I was following his instructions to the letter. Along the way I worked with many members of his staff, and to a person they were helpful and professional. I genuinely got the feeling that they cared about me and wished for my success. I'll be honest, I slipped a little bit in my pre-surgery diet, and I got a well-deserved, but not nasty lecture on the importance of losing weight beforehand. All of my pre- and post-operative instructions were made very clear and were gone over until it was obvious that I understood them. The staff at Saratoga hospital were also great during my recovery. Dr. Baranov has given me the tools for long-term success, now it's up to me to follow through. I know this isn't a magic pill that will make me fit and trim for life. I still have a lot of work to do, but I know that I can always call his office for help whenever I need it.