I just had my Gastric Bypass July 2, 2019, today is July 8th and I feel better and better each day. Dr. Baranov is a very caring and knowledgable doctor, as well as his entire staff. They are ready to answer any questions you may have during any stage of your weigh loss process. They were willing to work with me when setting appointments. Being a teacher they tried to set them over our calendar breaks. Not having to miss too much work. Not only is there support in the office but also outside in our community in the form of support groups before and after surgery. I did my research, Dr. Baranov is highly accredited and well reviewed. Now I have first hand experience of his personable care, dedication and expertise in the area of Baratric weight loss. He even took the time to personally call me and check up on me post operation. I wish I could give Dr. Baranov and his knowledge and empathic staff 100 stars. Thank you for changing my life!