I absolutely cannot say enough good things about Dr. Baranov and his office! They have been amazing through my journey, and it is just beginning!!! I have been working with their office since before July 2018, and it has been AMAZING! Dr. Baranov is one of the best bariatric surgeons out there and it shows. Not only that, but he takes great pride in his work and cares so much about his patients. He came to see me both days I was in the hospital after my surgery, and has called me twice on Sunday evenings to see how I was doing. I could not ask for a better doctor. Not only that, but he has a terrific sense of humor! Everyone else at his office does an amazing job and gives their best every day. Rhonda, Karann, Stephanie, Jim, Rachael, and Erica are primarily the people I have seen and they are terrific people who are happy to answer any questions I have had. I have called about 10 times since my surgery, and they have given me answers every time without getting tired of hearing from me! When I was having an issue and needed to be seen, they got me in the same day and made sure I was okay. I am so glad I came to them for my bariatric journey. I could not ask for people better at their jobs who care as much as they do. They are remarkable people and I am proud to tell everyone about Dr. Baranov and recommend him and his office to everyone I possibly can! Go see them and you won't be disappointed, it will be one of the best decisions you can possibly make!