I just had the gastric sleeve surgery with Dr Baranov and can’t give you results just yet because it has only been a week. I wanted to tell you all how amazing this staff is and the care Dr. Baranov puts into each patient.

I was very wary of doing elective surgery and went to one of his seminars to see what I thought. He is very thorough and clinical in his speech and doesn’t mince words. I liked that. This is what you have to do….if you don’t do it you won’t be successful. PERFECT. Follow the rules and you will do fine.

My journey still continues as I really have just started. I think the entire process of meeting a YMCA coach to a psychiatrist to a wonderful convo with a nutritionist was all extremely worthwhile. I am learning about myself and about how food doesn’t have to control me.

Dr. Baranov personally called me on a Sunday night to see how I was doing. What Dr. does that nowadays? His staff, the hospital and his dedication to his practice/patients makes it a no-brainer of who to choose. You can do this, I did. Follow the rules and you will smile again.