Andrea after surgery 
I’d been struggling with my weight since I was a teenager, and by the time I turned 40 I was feeling like an old lady. There were so many aches and pains. Plus, I’d had three different surgeries for varicose veins, and was having lower back problems.

Since the gastric bypass surgery a year ago, I’ve lost 90 pounds and feel like a whole new person. What's been so wonderful is how I've become a positive role model for my daughter. She's so proud of me.

Recently, I was thinking about the last time I was this size and I can't honestly remember. But I do know that I can fit into my wedding gown from 22 years ago. It's actually a bit big on me.

Dr. Baranov is the most amazing physician I’ve ever met. He’s so knowledgeable and thorough. I couldn’t have been this successful without him. Having gastric bypass surgery is simply the best decision I ever made. I wish I did it 10 years earlier.