I recently had weight loss surgery with Dr. Baranov. Dr Baranov and his team made my journey to a healthier me as easy as possible. It took me a long time to be ready for surgery and take that initial step to go see Dr. B. and his team. Once I did I was pleasantly surprised by the warmth and personalized feeling every time I met with him or his staff. Dr. Baranov was very patient with me, answering any questions I had all along the way. All of my requirements for the program were explained to me from day one. There were no surprises or unexpected bumps in the road. I followed exactly what he told me to do and had surgery just about two months to the day I met Dr Baranov. While this is not usual or to be expected I knew I was ready, what I wanted and was able to meet all the goals of his program in that time period. Surgery day I felt more excited than nervous and Dr. Baranov was right there that morning to ease my nerves and answer any last minute questions too! I had little to no pain from the time I woke up in recovery! My experience in the Saratoga hospital was honestly like a hotel, just with competent medical staff! Dr. Baranov was well known and respected by the other medical staff I encountered while in the hospital. Dr. Baranov personally called my nurse to check on me at the hospital and even a few days later at home on a Sunday evening! That is what I call a fantastic doctor that really cares about his patients!

I have virtually had no pain since surgery, and while this is just the start of my lifestyle change journey it has been a positive one thus far thanks to Dr. Baranov and his team. If you are ready to make any changes, even non surgical, in your weight loss journey I highly recommend going to see Dr. Baranov.