I am a married mom of 9-year-old twins and a registered nurse. I have been considering weight-loss surgery for years and finally decided to do it when I became a diabetic with sleep apnea. I have known several people who have had bariatric surgery and Dr. Baranov had the best reputation of any of the other surgeons in this area. From the information seminar to the days and weeks following surgery, Dr. Baranov and his staff have been fantastic. Dr. Baranov is a straight shooter and that can rub people the wrong way at times, but he is only telling us what we need to hear to be successful. He genuinely cares about his patients' overall health and post-op success. He encourages his patients to attend the monthly support groups and makes it clear that you will be seeing him every year for the rest of your life to make sure you don't have any nutritional deficits. He calls you himself after surgery, whether it be a weekend of holiday, to make sure all is well. I would choose Dr. Baranov any day of the week to perform my surgery and follow up!