It is my pleasure to review Dr. Baranov and his staff.  I had the sleeve surgery two days ago (11-13-2017) at Saratoga Hospital and was pleasantly surprised by the lack of pain the day of and night of the procedure.  The only discomfort was a very dry mouth and sore throat due to intubation, but they both went away after a few hours.  The little pain I did have, upon release from the hospital, was well taken care of by Tylenol.

My starting weight was 276, and I am hopeful of losing at least 100 pounds.  I've been too heavy most of my life, but especially so the past ten years.  I have wanted this surgery during that time, but my insurance (Medicare) did not pay until a year or so ago.  I live in southwestern Vermont, near Bennington, and although our local hospital has a plethora of excellent services, they do not offer bariatric surgery.  Thus I began to search the internet for a good doctor.  At first, I chose Dr. Baranov due to his location.  I haven't a car and my friend (Donna) was going to be driving me.  She and her husband had previously lived in Saratoga Springs so she knew the area.  I chose Dr. Baranov due to location, but then afterward I couldn't imagine having chosen a better surgeon ANYWHERE!  

Dr. Baranov IS very serious, as well he should be.  He will be holding your life in his hands.  My surgery was delayed this past year on two occasions due to family issues, and that of my primary care doctor refusing to sign approval for my having the procedure.  I had to fire her and find another.  Thankfully I found an excellent PCP nearby who was truly in favor of my taking this big step.  She knew how it could change my life.  She was supportive of this investment in my future.  Even more so, Dr. Baranov was/is too.  I only stayed in the hospital overnight and the next morning he came to see me about 7:30, then again that afternoon about 4:30.  During the latter conversation, it was good to see the doctor smile and laugh - I had said how very pleased I was, and that he and his staff were just the best.