I am 65 years old and have tried every diet. There was a time 20 years ago when I’d lost over 100 pounds and gained most of it back. I looked at the bariatric surgery option a couple of times but was not comfortable with the clinics or surgeons.

When I met with Dr. Baranov I just liked him. I’d done my research and knew that he had an excellent reputation. I found him easy to talk with, he spent almost an hour with me the first time I saw him. He was very direct about everything involved, what he was expecting from me and what I could expect from him if I followed his program. That was the approach I wanted.

My weight before surgery was 277 pounds. I was on medications for high blood pressure and osteoarthritis. Five months later I have had no complications, lost over 80 pounds, and am off the medications for high blood pressure and osteoarthritis.

The surgery is not a panacea. You still have to pay attention to your diet, and exercise. But I am doing it and it’s working.