I feel that Dr. Baranov has helped to save my life. I have struggled with obesity since I was a child. I’ve tried every diet out there, and I would lose weight, and then I would gain it back plus some. I was tired of feeling tired! I needed to do something to get healthy again.

With the support and guidance of Dr. Baranov’s staff, I have lost 110 pounds in a year after bariatric surgery, and I’m still losing. My weight loss journey has been amazing. It is so wonderful to hear compliments, and to feel so much better about myself. I feel I can walk into a room and not feel that I’m being judged for being obese. I can walk in a room with pride in knowing I have come a long way! I can smile brighter now!

You will know when you’re ready to take this major step. It is a tool for you to make the best use of losing your excess weight. If you listen to what Dr. Baranov tells you to do, then you will truly succeed. You will look into the mirror and see the reflection of your success. The before picture is of my youngest daughter Erin and I. She is now 13 and has lost 60 pounds herself. The after pic is us now.

faith before and after

Faith (with her daughter, Erin) Before and After