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Success Stories: Before and After

We are proud of every one of our successes!

We know that our successes are a team effort. After their bariatric surgery, our patients have been well-prepared to do their part to lose weight and keep it off.

The results show in their “Before and After” photos!


* DISCLAIMER:   These are individual results of our patients.
There is no guarantee of specific results and your results may vary.


Scott & Melissa


I tried for years and years to lose weight by dieting. It never worked. The weight would come off and then go back on. Meanwhile, I had developed diabetes. By the time I’d reached my mid-forties I’d been a diabetic for 14 years.  I also had high blood pressure, and a problem with cholesterol. With three daughters and a great wife, I had so many reasons to be healthy but I just couldn’t make it happen.

I had the gastric bypass surgery with Dr. Baranov on Jan. 22, 2014. Almost immediately, my blood sugar was down. It was pretty amazing. I’d been on three diabetes medications, eight medications in all. Now I’m on just one statin to help with my cholesterol. Four months later, I’ve gone from 306 pounds to 224 pounds. My pants size has gone from 46 to 38.  Three times a week I’m walking three miles on the treadmill.  The transformation has been unbelievable. And I feel like I finally have control of my health.

Dr. Baranov has put together a great program. You feel like the members of his team have become part of your family. The support you receive makes such a positive difference.

I have no doubt at all that I’ve taken a step that has truly changed my life.



I had the surgery in December 2013, and my weight has dropped from 214 to 138. My dress size has gone from 20 to 8. It’s definitely been life-changing. I have more confidence, and I don’t become tired so easily.

The team at Saratoga Bariatric Surgery Center is so considerate. And Dr. Baranov could not have been more caring. He called me regularly for a few weeks after the surgery just to make sure that I was doing okay.

And it isn’t just Dr. Barnanov who is like this. It’s the whole team. They’re wonderful.

This has been a very positive change for our entire family. Even our girls are eating better. We’re all healthier now. In fact, we did our first ever 5k run/walk. I never thought in a million years that I would have seen that day come. When you put your mind to it anything’s possible! Dr Baranov and his Team have made my dreams come true!!

Melissa and Scott Before and After Surgery

Melissa and Scott Before and After Surgery

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