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Exercise Options

How should you think about exercise?

Twins_exercising.webExercise is not the most important part of being successful with weight-loss surgery, but it is very, very helpful. What’s more, it makes you feel awesome – even if you don’t lose weight with it.

At the Saratoga Bariatric and Weight-Loss Center, we have a definite philosophy regarding exercise.  Start slowly and exercise sustainably!

Most of us know of someone who lost major weight with extreme exercise – a guy who worked out four hours a day on an elliptical for six months and lost 100 pounds. What inevitably happens? The morning comes when this person just can’t face that elliptical again. They take a break for a few days, and it’s over.

It’s much better to start a program that you can picture doing forever. This means picking something that you enjoy. Really enjoy. Also, do anything you can to make it more enjoyable – take a friend, if that helps. Make sure you exercise in a setting that you like – if you’re not crazy about your local fitness center, find one with the right vibe.

Don’t start too fast. If you are miserably sore for a week after your first workout, you’ll quit. Go slowly at first, and be patient. If your routine develops into something more intense later, fine. If a tabloid-magazine “bikini body” is what you’re after, nobody ever achieves that in one session. But if what you do is sustainable, by the time next summer rolls around, you just might be there.

We will be happy to help you find what’s best for you. Check out the options we offer!